Sports Installations and Sports Flooring

The sports installations with our sports paving allow sport to be practised in a safer way that does not over-exert the human body, preserving the joints and ensuring better traction. Plus, with the correct installation, it is possible to avoid puddles forming, something which considerably improves the sporting experience.

This sports paving is used in athletics tracks, tennis courts, golf courses, or in general for areas prepared for sports activities.


Sports paving in athletics tracks

Athletics tracks

One example of sports installations made with different types of polymers is athletics tracks. To do sport correctly, for professionals as well as amateurs, with this kind of sports flooring, the floors are fitted with a base layer of SBR and with EPDM granules. The particular difference in athletics tracks is that the EPDM material used is a grain size smaller than that which is used in children’s playground flooring.

Tennis courts

Another use of our materials in sports flooring is for tennis courts. EPDM granules are perfect, as we have said, for minimising impact and pressure on the athletes’ joints as much as possible, as well as making it possible to play the sport correctly.

Swimming pool edges

Rubber paving is ideal for access areas around pools and swimming facilities, both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its permeability, it does not allow puddles to form. It is anti-slip and is very shock-absorbent.


It is not only athletics tracks and tennis courts that are made using polymers; every day we are surrounded by many examples of other sports installations that are constructed, fully or partly, with layers of SBR or EPDM. For example, to take care of the horses’ joints in horse riding, large areas are covered with continuous flooring, with or without a top layer of EPDM. Continuous flooring is found more and more around swimming pools as it is a porous material which limits slipping.

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