Safety flooring for animals

safety flooring

Apart from sports flooring and children’s flooring, there are other types of situations in which technical flooring made from EPDM and SBR rubber granules can be installed.

Horse tracks

Installing rubber flooring in training or competition areas for horses allows for improved performance. Compared with sand flooring, this paving is more elastic, uniform, and will not compact. Plus, it avoids floating dust and does not have to be irrigated, which saves a considerable amount of water in equine installations.

It also protects the animals’ joints and absorbs the impact of falls.

Dog agility circuits

An agility circuit consists of a series of very diverse obstacles arranged in a circuit which the dog must tackle under the direction of its owner. Both dog and owner form a team which must complete the circuit without any mistakes and in the shortest time possible. Rubber flooring allows very attractive designs for these types of circuits, indoors as well as outdoors. Plus, it improves grip for the dog as well as the owner and protects them from injury. Compared with natural flooring, rubber flooring allows a more uniform course and without floating dust.


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